Korea's best multilingual interpretation and translation company(ENKOLINE)

Expert Translation Service

Projects are completed by teams consisting of experienced and skilled PMs, translators, and proofreaders who are capable of handling all languages and fields.
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Expert Interpretation Service

Our translators at ENKOLINE are active all over the world, striving to share our client's messages in a way that can be easily understood by their intended audiences.
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Our performance

ENKOLINE works together with our global translators and the Industry's top clients.

2153 companies


6948 translators


102784 projects

Translation projects

18 Years

Years of experience

IT/Tech Division

The IT/Tech Division offers comprehensive product localization solutions by taking into account the cultural, technical, and legal aspects of each product, enabling smooth launches in their target markets.

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Smart Content Division

The Smart Content Division implements the perfect system to support console, PC, arcade, and mobile game content. They apply advanced solutions and resources to translate games into their target language.

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Professional Translation Division

We provide high quality translations based on our translators' extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of advertising, tourism, law, patents, medicine, and multiculturalism. We also ensure quick delivery through our proprietary translation management system (ETS).

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Localization Division

We provide high quality translations (localization) of IT manuals, software, homepages, and much more based on your cultural, legal, language and technical requirements.

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ENKOLINE uses cutting-edge tools to provide the highest quality translations.

ENKOLINE uses a variety of tools and software to provide tailored services that meet all the requirements of each and every one of our clients. We also realize high quality finished products after thorough and precise QA processing.

  • Uses CAT tools
  • Uses QA tools
  • Utilizes security system
  • Utilizes own Translation Project Management system (ETS)
  • Thorough post management
  • Dedicated translators and proofreaders

Accurately meeting the needs of our clients.

Cutting down costs through knowledge acquired from years of experience

Understanding our clients' mindsets and markets

Focused translation based on the client's needs

ENKOLINE's top clients

Characteristics of the services provided by ENKOLINE

You can expect the best customer experience when you have the best translation company, ENKOLINE, working with you.

Best quality

Quality is the most important aspect of our work. We do our best to provide our customers with the best quality.

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Tailored Service

We work hard to precisely understand and convey the message of our clients.

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Abundant knowledge

With over 18 years of experience and skills, we can interpret and translate anything.

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Best translators

We have a network of more than 50 translators and language specialists working in perfect harmony.

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Best performance

ENKOLINE is currently working with more than 1,000 major clients.

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Optimized solution

Self-built Translation Project Management system, CAT TOOL, QA TOOL, Cutting-edge security system

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Enkoline은 많은 번역사들과 함께 일하고 있습니다. 고품질의 번역 및 감수를 위한 분야별 최고의 전문가와 함께하고 있습니다.

  • "How long have you been working with ENKOLINE?"
    • Hmm, the first time was in August, 2013. It's already been 4 years!
  • "What is your field of expertise when it comes to translating?"
    • The current field I translate for the most is engineering. To be more specific, electronic radio, electric, industrial automation, and IT are my mains field of interest. Dental engineering, heaters, and cars are my secondary fields.
  • "What is your most memorable project?"
    • I remember doing two books worth of documents for Samsung Techwin (Currently Hanhwa Precision Machinery) about compressors.
Na. Yan
Russian Translator, ENKOLINE
  • "How long have you been working with ENKOLINE?"
    • I cannot remember the exact dates, but it's been about 5 years.
  • "What is your field of expertise when it comes to translating?"
    • My field is technology. I'd like to say that I enjoy working with ENKOLINE. They're friendly, and their response time is very short.
  • "What is your most memorable project?"
    • It's hard to pick one, but I think I would say the technical documents about security for Hanhwa Precision Machinery.
thumb MA. Daniel
Swedish expert translator, ENKOLINE

Top Clients

ENKOLINE is currently working together with over 1,000 major clients.    [Read More]